Multimedia Chapbook - The Sims in Real Life by Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson’s The Sims in Real Life makes use of YouTube’s auto-captioning function to put words to clips of otherwise nonsensical gibberish. The poem is made from captions generated for a video wherein a prankster acts like a character from The Sims video game series, jabbering unintelligibly at strangers. The Blasted Tree has produced an edition of multimedia chapbooks featuring a booklet of this poem plus a bonus CD loaded up with digital content, including an introduction by the author, production images, and more. Copies from the limited edition of 40 chapbooks, each tucked with its disk in a slim jewel case, are available to purchased from our online Store.

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Visual Poetry Broadside - A Labyrinth Is a Rabbit Hole by Luke Bradford

“A Labyrinth Is a Rabbit Hole” is a visual poem in Luke Bradford’s signature style, fitting the letterforms of a short sentence into the shape of a rectangular maze. The maze created by the sentence is, of course, solvable, while the sentence remains legible from a distance. The Blasted Tree has produced a limited edition of fifty 10” x 17” broadsides featuring Bradford’s visual poem, available now from our online Store. “A Labyrinth Is a Rabbit Hole” can be previewed online using the link below.


Poetry Leaflet - Gag Tag : Tact Act by Franco Cortese

Our second publication by experimental poet Franco Cortese, “Gag Tag : Tact Act” is a loosely-constrained lipogrammatic poem using only the letters found in the names of the four nucleobases (adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine). A limited edition of sixty 5” x 7.5” leaflets featuring the poem have been produced on toothy Dreadnought Grey paper, available now from The Blasted Tree’s Store. Read “Gag Tag : Tact Act” online by following the link below.


Poetry Longsheet - Joanne Kyger: Post-Life by Stephen Bett

“Joanne Kyger: Post-Life” is excerpted from an alphabet book of post avant glosa by Canadian poet Stephen Bett. Broken Glosa takes the “glosa,” a Renaissance Spanish Court form, and breaks it down to its contemporary essentials―fractured forms for fractured times and alternate realities―riffing on postmodernist and post-postmodernist poets. The Blasted Tree has produced a limited edition of 50 longsheets on pewter Skytone paper, available now from our online Store, and you can read Bett’s gloss on Kyger’s “Post Extinction” by following the link below.

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Fiction Chapbook - The Weight of Skin by Brandon Teigland

A former poet laureate reads her most controversial poem yet at a protest for the removal of a colonial statue deemed racist, but the demonstration takes a turn for the worse when the Proud Boys arrive. The Weight of Skin is the gripping and (tragically) urgent story of home-grown Canadian xenophobia as told from three different perspectives. The Blasted Tree has published a limited edition of 50 hand-bound chapbooks featuring The Weight of Skin, each produced using three types of paper (one for each narrator: granite-grey stationary, red card stock, and white onionskin) and bound in black fabric. Brandon Teigland’s story can be read by following the link below, and copies of the chapbook can be purchased from our online store.


Poetry Chapbook - squared by andrew topel

squared is a kaleidoscopic sampling of abstract visual poetry by the prolific andrew topel. These poems riff on, challenge, even embrace the square frames they live within. Typography spills, explodes, and realigns on every page, giving form to expression through gesture and weight, communicating in composition what cannot be said aloud. squared has been published in a limited edition of 50 numbered and hand-bound chapbooks, each bearing its own unique cover made with dry transfer lettering. The collection can be viewed online in the image gallery using the link below, and one-of-a-kind copies of the chapbook can be purchased from The Blasted Tree Store.


Poetry Scroll - A Good Man is Hard to Find by Katerina Sevelka

A Good Man is Hard to Find” is a lyric poem that shifts though perspectives like reflections in a mirror. This publication marks Katerina Sevelka’s third with The Blasted Tree, and has been produced in a limited run of 60 scrolls, 4.25” x 0.5” bound up in electrical tape, and 4.25” x 14” unfurled. 10% of the edition is bound in red tape, symbolizing the rare man reflected in the poem. Read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” online, then purchase the scroll from our online Store.


Poetry Broadsides - O/Ô by Aaron Tucker

Visual poetry by Aaron Tucker, O/Ô uses the Google translate camera function to translate the French and English Hansard proceedings for the day that O Canada/Ô Canada was officially adopted as the Canadian national anthem. As concrete poetry, as photographs, as computer layering, language layering, these pieces reflect the quest to form a national identity through the languages spoken and not spoken or translated. O/Ô has been produced in a limited edition of 40 sets of two 11” x 17” broadsides, and each individual broadside features a pair of images translated from the Hansard in either of our two official languages.

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Poetry Chapbook - The Landscape We Left on Each Other by Lauren Elle DeGaine

At once familiar and foreign, intimate and distant, this collection of poems by Lauren Elle DeGaine follows the ebb and flow of a romantic relationship full of quiet, tender moments and sudden, frightening conflict. DeGaine employs recurring images, feelings, and impressions to reveal the spiraling circuits we all travel with those we hold most dear, exploring the poetics of love, loss, trajectory, and intersection; “the tear — an ache — not an explanation.” A limited edition of 40 chapbooks have been produced, each bound in hand-made, sage green paper, available now from The Blasted Tree Store.


Black Square #1 by derek beaulieu

Constructed from layered up Letraset transfers, Black Square #1 is typographic topography, an exploration of texture and shade, and the geometry of precision and error. The Blasted Tree has produced three limited editions of this visual poem by derek beaulieu at various sizes, each highlighting particular aspects of the work - 50 leaflets printed at scale show how the square looks to the unassisted eye, 10 numbered and signed artist prints magnify and reveal surprising details, and 100 mini-leaflets reduce the image to its superficial geometry. Black Square #1 can be viewed at a high resolution using the link below, and each of the three printed formats are available from our online Store.

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